Ferraris and Tulips – Easter in Piemonte

Pasqua (Easter) is a big festival in Italy and while each region marks the occasion a little differently, it is a happy, family-focused time. We had the pleasure of Jo’s parents spending the week with us. It made our family just a little bigger and gave us the fantastic feeling of connection with home.

Easter in Monforte

Easter in Monforte

In the Langhe it seems that nature throws its weight behind the celebration and in the week leading up to Easter, we had beautiful, warm days and the hills suddenly bloomed with spectacular wildflowers.

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Dinosaurs and a Mole – A Winters Day in Piemonte

Light snow showers were forecast in Monforte today and the thought of amusing ourselves inside for another day was a little daunting.

Snow covered Turin

As the Italians are proving to be super efficient at clearing the roads, we thought that we would journey up to Turin (Torino) in search of “i dinosauri”, and “la Mole“.

Jo and I were happy for the chance to see Turin in the snow. In our previous travels we have passed over Turin in favour of other Italian cities, on account of its reputation as an industrial powerhouse.

After a couple of visits this time around, we are coming to realise the error of our ways and have been charmed by the City. Continue reading