May in Piemonte – Castles, Cycling and Cherries

We apologise for the dearth of communications of late, but as we are drawing near to the end of our time in Monforte (purtroppo!!), life has been a little hectic.

Monforte Cherries

In short, over the past month we visited a couple of castles, dodged hail in Saluzzo, watched ‘il Giro’ as it passed Monforte (just doing our bit to create cycling fans out of Master T and Master S), ate Gelati in a dozen different towns, picked the first cherries of the summer, had Grandpa M come to visit and I rode up a mountain…Just your regular, garden variety month in Piemonte!!

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Genovese Palazzi, Pirates and Sharks

Adventure Day this week saw us venture out of Piemonte and down the Ligurian Coast to Genova (Genoa in English) – the land of pesto, focaccia, pirates and the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

Genova was one of Italy’s four powerful maritime republics in the 13th Century and at various points over the following four centuries controlled all of the sea trade in the Mediterranean. Continue reading

Ferraris and Tulips – Easter in Piemonte

Pasqua (Easter) is a big festival in Italy and while each region marks the occasion a little differently, it is a happy, family-focused time. We had the pleasure of Jo’s parents spending the week with us. It made our family just a little bigger and gave us the fantastic feeling of connection with home.

Easter in Monforte

Easter in Monforte

In the Langhe it seems that nature throws its weight behind the celebration and in the week leading up to Easter, we had beautiful, warm days and the hills suddenly bloomed with spectacular wildflowers.

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il Cambiamento delle Stagioni

Monforte Belltower in Spring

We haven’t posted for more than a month now but life in Monforte continues a pace. Spring (La Primavera – it sounds so much more exotic in Italian) has arrived and we are currently blessed with our second set of Australian visitors -Jo’s Mum and Dad are here for nearly a month!

We loved the Monforte winter and we were fortunate this year that the snow stayed on the ground just long enough for us to revel in the new experience but not long enough for the novelty to wear off.

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La Neve è Arrivata!!!

Finally, the snow has arrived in Monforte! It is almost three months later than the first snowfall last year but based on the weather forecast, it looks like winter is finally here.

Whilst we have enjoyed the unusually warm weather, we have been eagerly awaiting this event.

For Master T, seeing snow in Monforte has been at the top of his wish list for our Italian adventure – needless to say, we are all like kids at Christmas!

The snow has transformed our pretty little village and before the practicalities of winter living (wet boots, multiple changes of clothes for the boys, slippery roads etc) dint our enthusiasm, we thought we would post a few photos from around the town.

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