A Little About Us

At Easter in 2011, we decided that rather than continue to talk about taking a European ‘gap’ year, we would make it happen. In the arbitrary manner that deadlines are set, the end of the Northern Hemisphere summer was chosen as the target start date for our twelve months.

With the decision made, a simple process of elimination saw us choose Piemonte – specifically the Langhe Region – in Italy’s North West as our base. The combination of spectacular scenery, beautiful villages, world class wines and a population passionate about all things food and cycling made the choice easy.

There are always great reasons for not going but, for us, this was the year for an adventure. As Australians with two young boys (4 and 1), the practical realities of moving a family halfway across the world and navigating the cultural and language challenges will be part of our journey.

Our blog title is a reminder of our starting point as our four year old begins the year able to count to ten in Italian and his parents are not much further advanced. It is also a nod to how quickly time passes and how precious the opportunity is to spend a year living the Italian life with our boys.

This blog is principally designed to keep our friends and family informed and to share our adventure with you.


6 thoughts on “A Little About Us

  1. Now, the plot line and the picture are reminiscent of a scene at the opening of The Sound of Music. It’s beautiful! What a start!

  2. Dear Kym, Jo,T & S, Great to hear from you through the blog. What a thrill to be walking through the village and conversing with the locals. Many thanks ! We appreciate being kept up to date and know you will be richer for the experience. Bless you all. Love Mum & Dad.

  3. I too travelled in my youth. One lesson we have each learned is that anonymity is fleeting in the presence of one’s progenitors.

    No doubt, your time in the Langhe with your two young boys will result in a wonderful shared experience and a special bond. Indeed, I once wrote “[w]hen the property of the father of a family is scanty, his son and himself constantly live in the same place, and share the same occupations: habit and necessity bring them together, and force them to hold constant communication: the inevitable consequence is a sort of familiar intimacy…”

    I look forward to perusing future passages in your travelling journal.

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