Un Buon Natale

Christmas Lights, Alba

Buon Anno a tutti!

It is a little belated but here in Monforte, we have been blessed with visitors – our very first since we arrived! As a consequence, all else has been put on hold as we luxuriated in the joy of having Mum and one of my brothers, J, and his wife, S, join us for the Christmas/New Years period.

The Christmas Tree

We will post in more detail over the next day or so but in short:

                • it didn’t snow 😦  but we did have beautiful sunny 5C degree days 🙂
                • we ate a lot of very good food (all local which meant it was not hard to achieve)
                • we drank a lot of very good wine (all sourced within a 20km radius and even the most parochial of our tastebuds had to admit that the local wines compare very well with the South Australian reds)
                • we walked, talked and laughed a lot

In all, the perfect Christmas. For now here is a selection of photos – my brother is a talent behind the lens so there are some good shots.

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2 thoughts on “Un Buon Natale

  1. A wonderful bundle of memories – but I think the resident chef is too humble by half – local produce maybe but day after day he whipped up delicious meals effortlessly while his guests sat around chatting and drinking and generally taking advantage of his master chef skills! Sono la nonna! Ciao!

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