La Neve è Arrivata!!!

Finally, the snow has arrived in Monforte! It is almost three months later than the first snowfall last year but based on the weather forecast, it looks like winter is finally here.

Whilst we have enjoyed the unusually warm weather, we have been eagerly awaiting this event.

For Master T, seeing snow in Monforte has been at the top of his wish list for our Italian adventure – needless to say, we are all like kids at Christmas!

The snow has transformed our pretty little village and before the practicalities of winter living (wet boots, multiple changes of clothes for the boys, slippery roads etc) dint our enthusiasm, we thought we would post a few photos from around the town.

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Climbing Mountains, Discovering Rivers and Eating Gelati

After the excitement of Christmas and our first visitors, normal transmission has resumed in Monforte. Master T, Jo and I are all back at ‘school’ and we have settled into the usual rhythm of daily life. Amongst other great things, this includes the resumption of our weekly ‘Adventure Day’.

Monviso from Monforte

As you can see from many of our photos, the vistas from Monforte and its environs are dominated by the Alps, and in particular Monviso (or Monte Viso).

As a result, Monviso features regularly in our discussions of possible new adventures, and we have been asked repeatedly if we can climb “all the way to the top”.

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Highlights of a Week Touring the Langhe

And finally to complete the set, a pictorial blog of some of the other adventures of our week with Mum, my brother and my sister-in-law. Here are some of the other highlights from the week.

Photo credits are shared amongst all of us, however the spectacular panoramas are the work of J.

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The Perfect Birthday

Birthday Cake!!

Amongst all of the Christmas festivities, family dinners, touring of the Langhe and New Year revelry, I celebrated a birthday.

The perfect weather continued with sunshine and blue skies and I had the rare chance to celebrate getting another year older in a pretty spectacular part of the world.

In addition to being able to spend the day with my beautiful wife and two boys, I had the privilege of being able to share it with my Mum, brother and sister-in-law.

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A Christmas in the Langhe

It has taken us a week but we have almost regathered ourselves after a period of mourning following the departure of our Christmas Guests (it will take us a lot longer to remove the effects of a week of eating and drinking but we all have our crosses to bear!). Having Mum, my brother J and his wife S here was just brilliant. In addition to Christmas, we celebrated my birthday, New Years and kicked-off the celebrations for a milestone birthday for Mum. Continue reading