Things the Italians do well…

Today, dear reader, we are incensed.

It is generally a well-accepted fact that the Italians do certain things well; think pork-based products, wine, cheese, sports cars, design, defensive football, outrageous fashion (and some things less well; think stable economy, efficient government, reliable cars).

Our ‘Home’ Playground, Monforte d’Alba

It might just be a function of travelling with two little boys, but we have noticed that there is a gross and objectionableerror in the literature relating to travel in Italy.

Namely, the common assertion that ‘Italians don’t do playgrounds’. As Counting to Dieci continues the tradition of providing a continuous stream of consciousness (dressed up as a travel blog), we seek to rectify this material omission.

Serralunga, Cuneo

With the commitment to excellent research and comprehensive due diligence that you have come to expect from Counting to Dieci, we have travelled far and wide to confirm that this common assertion about Italy’s lack of playgrounds is a myth.

To that end, we have visited every village within 30kms of Monforte, assessed the major regional towns of Alba, Cuneo and Bra, explored the Cities of Nice, Turin and Milan and also travelled extensively to compare the international benchmarks in France and Switzerland.

The results are in and we believe that there is little room for doubt – the Italians do do Playgrounds (parco giochi) exceptionally well, after all.

Lago d’Orta, Novara

We consider the following supports our case for more formal recognition in this regard. They are:

  1. Always impeccably located.
  2. Exceptionally well designed.
  3. Near new and very well maintained.
  4. Always empty (a necessary qualifier for a family with two active Australian boys).

Below are the results of our labours but, as always, we humbly leave it to you to decide.


4 thoughts on “Things the Italians do well…

  1. Does anything really compare with the playground at Arno(Bay)? I am talking of a previous era of sea saws, wirly girly’s, monkey bars and the long bench type swing that fitted at least a bakers dozen of mid teens. Swings that went so high you could see the sea and jetty over the sandhill! White soft sand to tumble onto, yes they were the days.
    Still the vista from the modern playgrounds you showed in Italy and beyond surely require me to visit and play with the two small Aussie players. GPM

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