Things the Italians do well…

Today, dear reader, we are incensed.

It is generally a well-accepted fact that the Italians do certain things well; think pork-based products, wine, cheese, sports cars, design, defensive football, outrageous fashion (and some things less well; think stable economy, efficient government, reliable cars).

Our ‘Home’ Playground, Monforte d’Alba

It might just be a function of travelling with two little boys, but we have noticed that there is a gross and objectionableerror in the literature relating to travel in Italy.

Namely, the common assertion that ‘Italians don’t do playgrounds’. As Counting to Dieci continues the tradition of providing a continuous stream of consciousness (dressed up as a travel blog), we seek to rectify this material omission. Continue reading


In Search of a European Christmas Market

Basel Christmas Market

Christmas comes a little more slowly in Italy than in Australia – the Christmas lights are only now appearing in the streets, the shops show some decorum and wait until the end of November before decorating the aisles and there isn’t a Christmas pageant to mark the arrival of Babbo Natale. We might be a little biased, but this all feels like a rather civilised approach.

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