Piove qui…

Autumn Rains in Monforte

It rains and it rains and it rains…

We have had almost a week of continuous, drenching rain as an unseasonably warm spell of weather has caused havoc across northern Italy.

Our region has been lucky, the rivers are running fast and at their limits but Piemonte hasn’t had the floods that have devastated Liguria, Tuscany and southern France.

The Tanaro River in Flood

Having said that, the River Po, which flows through the middle of Turin, has almost burst its banks and our local river, the Tanaro, peaked about 4.5m above where it was three days ago, which is just 0.5m below the point of flooding.

Despite the steady rain we have had, the probability of flooding in Monforte is low. However, there are still concerns about the risk of mudslides and (even in a normal season) the roads regularly fall into the nearby fields. As a result, the local schools were closed as a precaution on Monday to reduce the number of people who were using the local roads.

Monforte in the Rain

A lighter moment in the seriousness of crisis meetings, states of emergency and flood warnings was a local alert that, among other things, specifically recommended we do not stay in the basement and if alerted by the local council, to “go upstairs”.

Thankfully our primary concern has been nothing more serious than trying to work out how to entertain 2 small but active boys through 5 days of rain….


2 thoughts on “Piove qui…

  1. We have been wondering how you were faring re the flooding…….good to hear you are all high and dry! I imagine you are desperate to get outside and have a kick of the Sherrin though………xxxx

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