The Joys of Modern Technology!

The MacAir has been running 24/7 for nearly three months now. It has not skipped a beat and we are regularly reminded of how much a part of our lives it is. It is our phone (Skype), T’s TV, our respective diaries, T’s socialisation network (Skype again), the publisher of the blog, our newspaper (when we manage to snatch a moment of catch up on what is happening in the world) and our source of email.

We continue to appreciate the fact that modern technology provides us with the ability to remain connected and in contact with our friends and family while we are away. Continue reading


Thermal Spas and Champion Cyclists

Piazza Bollente, Acqui Terme

We ventured a bit further afield on our ‘Adventure Day’ this week and into the south-east part of Piemonte (Alessandria Provence). Our plan was to visit the old thermal spa town of Acqui Terme, Novi Ligure and then dabble in the Italian tradition of outlet shopping.

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Castagne, Mongolfieri and Tartufo in Monforte

Autumn in the Langhe

We are now well into Autumn here in Monforte. The temperature has dropped from high 20s to single digits, there is snow on the peaks of the Alps and the days are getting shorter.

In addition, the hills have changed from a lush green and are now covered by a patchwork of rich golds and vibrant reds as the leaves on the vineyards and hazelnut groves welcome the new season. Continue reading