Monforte Through the Eyes of Master T

Something different from Counting to Dieci today!

Our four year old wanted to take some photos of our village to send to his friends at home. So, post the lunchtime rest, we took the iPhone and T took us through the town taking photos of things he wanted to share.

He took quite a few photos and we thought it may provide a different view of our little village.

Below is a slideshow and gallery of the photos taken by T. We haven’t edited them, with the exception of not including those in duplicate and triplicate…

Ciao ciao

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 thoughts on “Monforte Through the Eyes of Master T

  1. HI T, I loved seeing Montforte through your eyes. I didn’t know that tractors were allowed into the town – and I loved the gelati sign and the flowers outside the gelati shop. I really felt like I was walking through the streets with you noticing these things – even the fly on the car!!

    Keep up the good work- lots of love Nanna P

  2. Wonderful photos T. How’s school going? Miss chatting with you, S, and Mum at Kindergym. Cheers Judith

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