A Swim in the Mediterranean

Wednesday is our nominated day for “an adventure” as T is currently taking the day off Kindy. We have spent our other Wednesdays exploring the towns and villages in the local area but thought we would take a longer excursion today. The Italian Riviera is only an hour or so from Monforte and – given the weather is beginning to cool down and we would drive 30 mins to get to the beach at home anyway – a trip to the beach seemed like the thing to do.

Finalborgo, Luguria

We ventured off straight after breakfast, taking the scenic route along the ridges of the Langhe into Liguria before joining the Autostrada to take us down to the coast.

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Introducing ‘Karen’ – the Fifth Member of Our Family

On Day One, when we landed in Nice, I ventured out to the local (French) electronics store and bought a Garmin GPS. All the blogs had suggested that it was worthwhile for driving in Europe and a few people with experience in these matters suggested that we would be mad not to.

Karen in pride of place

In short, both were understating the strength of need! We have driven a little on previous trips (GPS was not such a ubiquitous accessory at that stage) and continue to marvel at the thought of finding our way without the help of technology. Continue reading

Monforte Through the Eyes of Master T

Something different from Counting to Dieci today!

Our four year old wanted to take some photos of our village to send to his friends at home. So, post the lunchtime rest, we took the iPhone and T took us through the town taking photos of things he wanted to share.

He took quite a few photos and we thought it may provide a different view of our little village.

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Gorgonzola Mixed with Champagne

‘Cheese’ in Bra

On the weekend we went into Bra (a smallish town about 20kms from Monforte and home to the Slow Food movement) for an International Cheese festival.

Every second year Slow Food holds an international cheese festival – called ‘Cheese’ – that takes over the centre of Bra for the weekend.

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School Starts Tomorrow

T starts school tomorrow. We have, with the huge help of our local Australian friends, managed to get him enrolled in the Monforte Scuola Materna – the equivalent of our Kindy. From all reports the Italians set the standard when it comes to educating their pre-school children so T should be in good hands. The difficulty will be the fact that since it is the local school (rather than an ex-pat school) the teaching is in Italian. Continue reading